Innovation in Higher Education: A Global Perspective

West Chester University - University of Silesia Symposium

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West Chester University - University of Silesia Symposium
Innovation in Higher Education: A Global Perspective

Hosted by
His Magnificence Rector of the University of Silesia
Professor Janusz Janeczek
organized by
The Chair of Comparative Literature and Institute of Psychology
University of Silesia
Katowice, May 10 - May 16, 2005

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
17:00 "Getting to know" opening
Katowice, Hotel Uniwersytecki, Conference Room
Karolina Koc, Katarzyna Ponikowska, US, Social Sciences: Upper Silesia - Region in Change - Sociological Approach.
Andrzej T. Jankowski, US, Earth Sciences, Polish Accreditation Committee: Polish System of Accreditation in Higher Education.
18:00 Official opening, Professor Janusz Janeczek, His Magnificence Rector of the University of Silesia
Katowice, Hotel Uniwersytecki, Conference Room
Andrew Dinniman, WCU, History: Globalization and Higher Education in Pennsylvania.
Paweł Jędrzejko, Tomasz Pawelec, US, English and History: Teaching Humanities at a Polish University in the Light of the Experience of International Academic Exchange (Reflections of CEP Local Faculty Fellows).
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
9:30 Opening of the session at the Faculty of Philology
Sosnowiec, Faculty of Philology, Aula 126
William Lalicker, WCU, English: Contrastive Rhetoric, Intercultural Change, and the Globalized Teaching of English: A Comparative Study.
Jennie Skerl, WCU, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Science: Reconceptualizing the Beat Generation: Subterraneans and Celebrities.
Celia Esplugas, WCU, Foreign Languages: Using Films and Videos in Advanced Foreign Language Classes.
Christopher Teutsch, WCU, English: Looking Across Cultures: First Language Reading and Second Language Writing.
Juanita Comfort, WCU, English: Writing Pedagogy at the Intersections of Rhetoric, Cultural Studies, Critical Pedagogy, and Alternative Discourses.
9:30-11:00 A special lecture for the faculty and students of Social Sciences
Katowice, Faculty of Social Sciences
Ann Abbot, WCU, Graduate Social Work: Professional Values: A Comparison of Social Workers in Poland and the United States.
Mell Josephs, WCU, Student Service, Inc.: A Vision for Student Leadership
10:00 Opening of the session at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
Katowice, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Sala Rady Wydziału
David Bolton, WCU, Professional and Secondary Education: Exemplary Uses of Technology in Education.
Susan Caroff, WCU, Literacy: Literature-based Reading Instruction in a Student-centered Primary Classroom.
Carol Radich, WCU, Elementary Education: Cultivating Reflective Practitioners through the Study of Human Development: An Innovative Graduate Program in Education at WCU.
Krystyna Koziołek, US, Polish: Beyond a Model of the Teacher.
16:00 Cultural and Literary Studies
Katowice, Hotel Uniwersytecki, Conference Room
Maciej Nowak, US, English: 'Double-click it if you can'. Some Remarks on 'Montage' and Philology in the Context of Polish Higher Education.
Leszek Drong, US, English: A Few Sceptical Remarks on Richard Rorty's Philosophy of Education, or: Do We Really Want Crowds of Ironist Liberal Zarathustras on Our Campuses?
Aleksandra Kunce, US, Cultural Studies: Thinking and University.
Alina Mitek, US, Comparative Literature: Culture on the Curriculum. The Mixed Blessing of Western-made Global Cultural Studies.
Piotr Skudrzyk, US,Philosophy: Academic Parlance and Human Life.
Thursday, May 12, 2005
10:00 Meeting the Rectors, Deans, and Administrators, Staff and Research Development Program
Katowice, Faculty of Theology
Paul Arsenault, WCU, Marketing: West Chester's Innovative Leadership Development Program.
Jeanne King, WCU, Office of Sponsored Research and Faculty Development: Designing and Implementing an Incentive Plan for Researchers.
Gopal Sankaran, WCU, Health: Quality Improvement in Graduate Education: Sharing Commitment Across Borders.
Jennie Skerl, WCU, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Science: Faculty Development at WCU.
Peter Loedel, WCU, Political Science: Stimulating Simulations: Integrating Poland into the European Union Simulation Program.
16:00 Presentation at the Institute of Physics
Katowice, Institute of Physics, Sala Audytoryjna III (Duża Aula)
Jerzy Jarosz, US, Physics: The Role of Experiments in Presenting Complex Ideas in Physics.
Friday, May 13, 2005
10:00 Openinig the session at the University of Silesia Campus
Rybnik, University of Silesia Campus, Aula Ośrodka Dydaktycznego
Paweł Polok, US: Self-admiration or Real Performance? Development of Latest Education Centers in Rybnik.
Grzegorz Jankowski, US, Earth Sciences: Some Aspects of Landscape Studies in the Research of Earth Sciences Faculty.